Monday, November 23, 2009

MR-almost 5 months

MR has been growing like crazy! He's rolling from back to tummy now! And he's babbling so much we're convinced he's trying to say bottle and mama. He actually caught some kind of cough this past weekend. We're guessing from the cold air at the football game. It didn't faze his eating. This is right before he received his bed-time bottle. Notice the small tear falling from his eye...So sad...the food can't come fast enough!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Post Game

It's an exhausting season waiting for the National Championship!

4 Months Old!

MRy (nickname given by Isabella-it's kinda caught on!)

MR turned 4 months on Friday! He officially found his feet last week so he's been working on his flexibility. He's also been working on his words. He's not really a whiner-when he has something to say he doesn't usually cry but try to put every sound together that he knows as if he's talking like the rest of us. Andy's says he actually sounds like he's complaining as opposed to crying like a baby. He didn't dress up for Halloween, he just wore his race car overalls!

King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII had loads of fun on Halloween night! The picture was before he went to school on Friday. The video below is before the Waco trick-or-treating adventure.