Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Weekend for MRy

Pulling up to stand at toy table!

Getting ready for Baptism!

Perfect baby enjoying the water.

Tired baby!

If you give them an I Phone- they will crawl!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Quick Update

Andy went to pick the boys up early from school so they could witness the snow fall! It was crazy! Drew wasn't feeling well so he didn't get to play too much. We thought he was just being lazy but he had to stay home the next day from school - explosions again!
Drew's getting a bit big for his "britches:" On Tuesday he informed his teacher he couldn't sit next to anyone because he had a cold and he didn't want to get anyone else sick! At first thought you'd think he was being "snooty" but I honestly think he was looking out for everyone. But, just when I reassure myself that he's not "snooty" his teacher informs me that he told her he needed to go sit somewhere else because the "children were annoying him." The only thing she could say - besides chuckle - was that she agreed! When we got in the car he asked about his new school. I was glad because I thought it meant his teacher had been talking to him about a new school for kindergarten and preparing them for after the summer. But he didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned kindergarten. He said he meant that he was ready to go to college - "tomorrow" he said!
MR is rolling rolling rolling and making sure he's getting a voice in when he can! He definitely makes sure he's heard. He makes the same consistent sounds for bottle, Dad, and brother (we think). I've gotten one accidental "mamamama" so I guess that's enough for me now! He loooooooves his big brother and laughs with a big smile when he goes with me to pick Drew up from his room at school. He gets so excited to see him. But, then again, he gets excited to see almost anyone!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Explosions one after the other!

For a week now we've been cleaning up after the boys. MR had vomiting (and other issues) for about 4 days, then Tuesday Drew had leave school early for the same thing, and finally, today MR had to leave early for more throwing up! For now we're just making sure MR doesn't get dehydrated and if it contiues we'll have to go back to the after hours clinic on Sunday. On a bright side...he's almost crawling!!!! He definitely has the determination in his eyes, he just can't quite figure out the mechanics of shifting his weight.

On Wednesday Drew had his 4 month check-up and the clinic called with all perfect results! He got to see his picture hanging up in the clinic and they gave us his big banner! He did an amazing job with taking the sedation and getting an IV, and his blood taken. And he got to look at his X-Ray of his chest!!! (They were talking about XRays at school cause they've been practicing their "Xs" this week.)

Andy said this looked like they were sleeping off a rough night....try rough week! I'm sure 20 years from now when Drew takes MR out for his 21st birthday and we will see this image again with a different bottle thrown to the side!