Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother"

Talk about trusting Big Brother!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Could NOT make this one up....!!!!

Drew's got a new quote of the week!

He was holding up a baseball bat like it was a light saber - from Stars Wars - and informed me that when they hold up the "light sabers" they say, "May the whores be with you." Thank God he doesn't really know what he's saying! I asked him what it meant...he had no clue!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Library Time

Drew just sat us down for Library Time. As soon as we sat down he gave us the "quote of the week" --- "Now, before we begin, does everyone have their cell phones turned off?" He also informed us of the sign on the wall that says "No Smoking!"
Story Time!
Meanwhile, MR is still trying to figure out how to put this dang race track together. He sees big brother working on it all the time, but it never quite works out for him!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Had to share...

For awhile now Drew's been very impatient for his 5th birthday. It's hard celebrating all of his friends' birthdays all year and not getting to have his own! He's been saying that he's been eating "healthy" so he can make it to 5. He says he's gonna be hungry ALL the time! I thought he was implying that he wanted to get bigger for when he was 5. Well, as many people know, Drew loves to stay up late! Tonight is no exception...he had hamburger helper, a piece of pizza, a starburst, a chocolate mint...then later a mayonaise sandwich...then begged for more...then cheese cubes. I asked him to go put the cheese cubes away and come to bed and he came back with grapes! I told him it was too late to eat any more so he grunted as he trotted back to the fridge...this was just 10 minutes he's opening the fridge door he groans to convince me why it's so important for him to continue eating - "but I have to get to 5 years old!" Next lesson: how to understand the passing of time. I can't imagine what we'll be discussing in 10 years after all we've discussed in just 4 years!


The boys and I have been "couped up" in the house for 3 choice! My goal is always to have "pajama day" at least once to say we had a little bit of a relaxing break! The other night - after dinner - Drew asked if he could put a new shirt on cause he didn't want to wear his night shirt all day...even he's lost track of time! I let him change...and then he changed a couple of hours later for bed time again! We're on Round 2 of watching 4 episodes of the "Justice League" so we're due for some out of the house time later!

MR has been "oozing" out of both ends. No real explosions...just enough to keep the laundry cycle going and the carpet cleaner on hand. He seems to be acting fine though. I've gotten lot's of "mamamama" this week and he likes to call for "duh" (Drew)! And he loves to shake his head "no." I'll try to get a video later on today.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break!

MR's got it all figured out!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Go Sharks!

So last weekend was Drew's weekend! ...lots of family came to see his first soccer game!!! He told me the day before he was going to score "1000 goals!" (Kinda reminded me of Austin Powers' "1 million dollars!") It was quite an experience! Coach Andy was handed basically every kid that's never played a game until now! All 5 of them - 2 petite girls and 3 of the scrawniest boys you can find were all playing their first game! And our poor little runt was behind most of the time. All the players were pretty rough and falling all over the place, but Drew had some big moments. Within the first few minutes he started getting scared for some reason...I guess because there was a lot of running and yelling and just plain chaos....PS - he didn't start the game...this all happened from the sidelines. He fell down and got kicked in the head at one the field crying. He got knocked down again, someone fell on top of him, then someone fell on top of that someone- all while getting his pinky finger stomped the field crying. Coach put him back in, but his finger was still hurting and he just stood there at the herd of children rumbled past the field crying. The only way to get him to play hard was to remind him that we would only go "I-Love-Garden" if he played. So we went out there and ran up and down and even got to kick a bit down the field. One moment it was Drew and the ball and the goal...he got so excited at the moment of kicking all by himself - smiling while running - that he slowed up and the herd caught up with goal. After an hour of soccer - yes, the 10 year old referee had trouble keeping up with time - he was exhausted. We headed to "I-Love-Garden" and he ate ALL of his spaghetti! The pictures were taken by Mimi who made Drew look like a professional. If you were to only look at the pictures...this was not the full story!

The giant blonde kid next to Drew is really a normal size kid!

See video below for Drew's improvement on getting the ball into the goal. Maybe eventually he'll get his "1000 goals!"

Drew's quote of the week: "What's strategy?"