Friday, July 31, 2009

Drew's favorites!

We did it!

We survived a big NYC trip with a 3 week old and a 4 year old! (with the help of Annie and Cito) Drew got to see his favorites from "Night at the Museum" to all of the tall buildings and I got to dance in NYC for my birthday! Drew loved everything from the planes to the taxis to Central Park to the orange juice in the mini bar in the hotel! He was overly excited about EVERYTHING!!!! He even picked up a little elevator ettiquette as he would hold his arm in front of the doors while people were getting on! When we left he put the hotel room key in his pocket to keep just in case we went back. (Then, of course, he lost the key on the plane cause he was playing with it.) And when we got home last night he asked if I was going to get him dressed and wake him up early and pick him up and put in the car in the morning to go back to New York. (Our flight last Sunday was at 7 am so I already had him dressed when we left the house at 4:45 am!!!) As far a MR goes, he enjoyed sleeping in NYC as much as he enjoys sleeping here in Austin!!! He especially loved the littel sling and could sleep for hours as long as we were walking around.

M&M Store!!!!

First Big Slice!

His favorite Starry Night!

Carriage ride in Central Park!

3 weeks old!

"Day at the Museum!"


Picnic with Dad in Central Park!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Days

What "To Do List"???????

The world stood still last Friday when both boys were actually asleep at the same time while we were in the car. They even stayed asleep for a couple of more hours once we got home...What "To Do List"? I laid right on that couch and took a nap too...yes, that was the one and only blistfull sleep I can remember!

Monday, July 13, 2009

One Week

Today was a pretty good day! We ventured out by ourselves (mom + the boys) with dad at work. M.R. had his first Dr. appointment. The Dr. didn't even test his biliruben or his blood sugar because he thought he looked pretty good and M.R. is gaining the proper weight like he should. Drew was the perfect big brother-while we were there. At other times in the day he's struggling a little bit...but for the most part...he acts like his new job in life is to just take care of his brother. He lets us know when he spits up and runs to get a washcloth, he stayed up late last night while M.R. was eating so he could check on him, and-best of all-he was up with me at the 5 am feeding making sure he was okay! This is all on top of the hundreds of kisses during the day. He told me this afternoon- randomly- that he was "so, so, so, sooo, sosososososososo happy" that he has a baby brother. We also had received good news when we found out dad doesn't have to go on his big work trip tomorrow!!! We get him for another week!

First bath!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let's play "Drew or MR?"

Home at Last!

M.R. was finally cleared...barely, but he was cleared! It's good to be home after almost a week!!!

Waiting for the word

We're here waiting for the word to go home. Our new nurse for the day has said that our preliminary charts for today say thay we're supposed to be headed home. M.R. is keeping his levels up and eating good! His jaundice level is borderline so it's gonna be "iffy" depending on what the Dr. thinks about maybe staying to put him under some lights, but we're hoping they let us go with the idea that it's going down.

Drew is supposed to be going swimming this morning. He finally got to see his baby brother yesterday and all is well. He's already got the routine of setting up the bottles for us when it's time for M.R. to eat! And he loves to hold the bottle (without ANY help) while he eats. He even holds his hand when they check his blood or change his diaper. His favorite part is patting his back so he'll burp really loud!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Out of NICU

Big Brother is excited for MR to be out of the NICU and back with us. We're still in the hospital and they're still monitoring his blood sugar levels but they let him come down to a room with us so we could keep him with us. Now we're just waiting for them to check him for the next 12 hours or so without an IV. We are just way past ready to go home! It should be sometime tomorrow.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still here!

MR is being very patient with all of these blood sugar checks! We are still here in the hospital. They have him on an IV to make sure he's getting plenty of "good stuff" in him. The only frustrating thing is that he has to be in the NICU with an IV. So we're just going back and forth every 2 hours to feed him and play with him. Drew is pretty upset that he hasn't gotten to see his baby brother in the last few days. He can't come into the NICU since he was sick two days ago. His levels are looking good with the IV, so once they take him off of the fluids they will monitor the levels without the additional fluids. We are expecting to be home by Saturday. This is something they have told us will fix itself within a few days anyway, but they have explained that newborns' brain fuction can be effected if their blood sugar levels aren't stable. Everything is going to be just fine by Saturday...we're just ready to go home now!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And the Juggling begins!

We were hoping to be discharged earlier around 11 or noon, but our "MR Big" (Andy's assigned this nickname) is having some trouble keeping his blood sugar level high enough. It's normal for big babies but they still have to be monitored. So we're having to do some tedious blood testing and making sure he's eating enough to get his level up. There's still a chance we could go home by 6 tonight, but that's only if his levels get way up. We'll go see his real pediatrician tomorrow so she can check his blood sugar and jaundice levels that are slightly off. MR is being very patient and going with the flow so far! Andy and I are just ready to sleep in a normal bed and get normal showers.

As far as the juggling goes...Annie (Nina) is at home with Drewsky. We haven't gotten to see him today because he is recovering from some little temporary virus he had last night. Evidently he was exploding from both ends! We miss him, but he never has a problem hanging out with Annie.

It's sort of a blessing that we're having to stay longer since MR shouldn't really be around Drew for now. We'll get it all under control soon...just in time for Andy to leave on a work trip for two Brazil!!!!!!

Everytime we look at MR he looks more and more like Drew did when he was born. It's crazy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 6, 2009 12:54 pm

He's finally here! We induced this morning (5 days early) because the Dr. was afraid of his getting too big. Thank God we did it today...somehow it only took 20 minutes to get this 9 pound baby into the world!!! He's good, Drew's good and very proud, and we're good!
Very Proud Big Brother!
Rafello Miller Adamez
(nickname-initials reversed)
Proud Cousins!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Almost there!

We've tried to give Drew a fun last weekend of being an only child! All he's been talking about is what he's gonna do with his baby brother...whom we're scheduled to welcome sometime on Monday...we're going in a 7am...praying he's not over 8 pounds!

Fireworks at Tom and Brenda's house. We had front lawn seats to see the show that was going on at the Dell Diamond. From their house you can see about 5 different fireworks shows going on. Drew loved the ones that changed color after they exploded!