Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where did our innocent little 4 year old go?

No, this is not a post reminiscing about how Drew is getting to be a big boy growing up so well. This is to post that our big boy went to the principal's office yesterday!!!! He said this time he wasn't pillow fighting at nap time (I say "this time" because it's happened before) but he was blanket fighting - like he's proud he came up with a new game or something. To top it off....I was told that he and his partner in crime were laughing as they went back to their classroom. They weren't even threatened by "the talk" with the principal/owner of the school!!! Of course I want to know "his side" so we the hopes that he's being influenced by someone else! Of course he didn't start it....but I asked him what "Papa James" said when he was taken to the office..."he said what he had to say." He would sure do well in court. He's not giving us any additional information that will get him in any more trouble!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New "Quote of the Week"

Drew asked me to tell him a story last night. Every once in awhile he'll ask me to make one up for him. I usually make the story about a lesson he should learn, so I just change the name so it sounds like his. The last story I told was about"Stew." This time the story was about "Blue" (not the color-just rhyming with Drew). I started to get ready to tell my story about "Blue" and Drew wanted to know where he lived. "Boston, TX" of course (rhyming with Austin) to which Drew replies, "oh no, you gotta be kidding me." I thought I was being pretty creative!

yummy snacks!

MR: Drew gave it to me.
Drew: He's eating all of my cookies!

"Pocorn, pocorn,pocorn,pocorn,pocorn"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A lot can happen in 5 years!

I've finally gotten some pictures together to share the last 5 years of having my best boy, Drew! He's lived a life that most haven't lived within 10-20 years.

Within a week after he was born he'd already fought a rough case of jaundice and conquered a heart murmur! Here he is with his orange face wrapped in his billy-blanket.

First meeting w/Coach Brown!

At a few months old he and I survived The Great Evacuation out of Houston trying to avoid Hurricane Rita! It took us 22 hours to get from Pearland to Austin!

He traveled to the border of Texas to meet his Great-Grandpa and we got a picture of 4 generations of Adamez men!

Swimming at about 4 months old!

This was his first of many UT football games! (this was before the new endzone seating!)

A natural Longhorn. We did not force him to suck his fingers like this! It was his equivalent to sucking his thumb.

National Champions! The night we won we all went to campus and celebrated in the middle of the night!


A week after his surgery removing his tumor. The bandage is covering his port.

His future hero, Eddie Jones at the Children's hospital.

Conquering Cancer!

Group Hug at Easter!

Our Blondie cuddling with Dad

More UT football!

Last family picture with out baby brother!

MR was born and so was the best big brother in the world.

First trip to NYC! Eatin Strawberries in Central Park!

Second meeting with Coach Brown - organized by hero, Eddie Jones!
Livestrong 5K Race!

Lots of cousins!

First soccer season!

We love you, Drewsky!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Big Kid!

1 day old...........5 years old!
Drew is FINALLY 5 years old! He's basically celebrated all week since Saturday! Here are some pictures from Drew's big birthday week!

Big Water Slide!!!!!! That's Drew sliding sideways!
Crazy 4 Year Old on the Birthday Eve!Birthday Breakfast!

Birthday at school! He informed his teacher the day before that he thought with his turning 5 he's too old now to take naps. On the day of his birthday he reminded her that he was turning 5 and that there were lots of things he didn't have to do now that he's 5 years old.

Crazy Pre-K friends!

By 6:00 pm he was already saying he was 5 1/2 years old!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Drew's Quote of the Week

Drew's dad was tooting in his face...Drew lifted his head for a breathe of fresh air and asked, "Mom, was that not appropriate?"