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Missing Chipmunk Alert

From Simon and Theodore Chipmunk:
Have you seen our friend????

Adamez Christmas Music Series:Day 1

(I'm hoping to post one each day before Christmas to make up for the last month or so!)

MR's first dinner

We've been slowing putting rice cereal into MR's evening schedule. The first night he did pretty good. Since then he's basically gagged up almost all of it.

MR is also currently battling some infections! Last week we took him in and they said it was pink eye!!! So we lotioned his eyes for a few days with the special Rx cream. It slowly came back so we took him back last night. Now they say it's an ear both ears!!! The first dose of medicine didn't quite all make it down. He just passed out with a bottle in hand/mouth so maybe he'll get some rest.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Pictures

It's been awhile---we've been extremely busy!
MR's first haircut with Hung!

MR and Annalise are so fascinated with each other!

Tis the season for hat hair!

Monday, November 23, 2009

MR-almost 5 months

MR has been growing like crazy! He's rolling from back to tummy now! And he's babbling so much we're convinced he's trying to say bottle and mama. He actually caught some kind of cough this past weekend. We're guessing from the cold air at the football game. It didn't faze his eating. This is right before he received his bed-time bottle. Notice the small tear falling from his eye...So sad...the food can't come fast enough!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Post Game

It's an exhausting season waiting for the National Championship!

4 Months Old!

MRy (nickname given by Isabella-it's kinda caught on!)

MR turned 4 months on Friday! He officially found his feet last week so he's been working on his flexibility. He's also been working on his words. He's not really a whiner-when he has something to say he doesn't usually cry but try to put every sound together that he knows as if he's talking like the rest of us. Andy's says he actually sounds like he's complaining as opposed to crying like a baby. He didn't dress up for Halloween, he just wore his race car overalls!

King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII had loads of fun on Halloween night! The picture was before he went to school on Friday. The video below is before the Waco trick-or-treating adventure.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Livestrong 5K Race

Drew waited all week last week to run his race! He kept telling us he was going to win! Our Livestrong weekend started when we went to the picture studio to see the collection of childhood cancer survivors' pictures. We drove by to find a parking space and there was Drew on the big banner in the window with 3 other survivors!!!! We saw his picture that will eventually be in the Survivorship Clinic and another that was in another window at a restaurant! Drew was so excited...he got to school the next day and all of his teachers had seen him on the news!!!! They did a story on the local news and Drew's picture was in a lot of it!

Water break!

MR and Annalise were also participants in the race!

Drew ran almost the whole first mile and then slowed down for the rest. He had so much fun though! About 50 yards from the end Andy told him to race to the finish line. Survivors get to run through their own finish line so he went to his side of the road and sprinted all the way! He was all by himself with the crowd cheering him on with his horns in the air. (like when the Longhorns run onto the field!) He ran for the crowd as if they'd been waiting the whole hour just for him! I was a bit behind so I didn't get a great shot, but the video is below! Beware-this video clip could make your heart swell so much it feels like you can't breathe!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Man vs. Food Challenge

Drew's favorite new way to eat is pretending almost every meal is a "Man vs. Food Challenge" like on the travel channel! He actually started doing it himself when he was eating lunchables and now he'll ask to do it all the time! He recreated this challenge himself. If you haven't seen the show- the host, Adam, travels to different cities and tries different food challenges from different restaurants. Sometimes it's eating food that's way bigger than his head...hence the cracker-stack!
MR at the dinner table!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not to Brag...

Our beautiful boys!

MR turned 3 months on the 6th

Monday, October 5, 2009

This is Drew with the flu!

And MR appears to say "Oh, dear!"

Saturday, October 3, 2009


MR's just chillin out this weekend while big brother fights off the flu!!!!!! Yes, Drew has the flu! Well, maybe I should put it this way....Drew was tested positive for the flu with flu-like symptoms.....but he has yet to actually act like he's sick. We're fighting with taking the medicine, not kissing his brother and resting on the couch. Thursday he started feeling bad and he thought he was going to throw up. But we wanted to praise him cause he'd just eaten chicken and broccoli for dinner. I told him if he didn't throw up then he could have dessert later.....not even 2 seconds later came the quote of the week..."Actually, I'm not sick." hmmm....2 seconds after that his temperature was actually 102!

I'm also posting a video from the game last week!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Longhorn Fun

All the cousins at the Baylor Game!
Annalise, Andon, Alee, Isabella, MR, Drew
We were swallowed by the beginning of the school year, but we're slowly coming to surface. We've been crazy busy with school, Dr. appointments, rehearsals, and Andy's going out of town for work!!!
Drew's been great at school. He's already memorized the Pledge of Allegiance and he's also learning all of the states and captiols! Drew's also already moved onto his second girlfriend of the year. He was also cleared in his latest run of scans and blood work!
MR is still growing and almost as big as his cousin Alee-who's almost a whole year older than he is!!!! He loves his school and big brother and smiles all the time!
Last night we attended the Longhorn Game and got to meet Eddie after the game. He had another friend visiting him so he took all of us on a tour around the Longhorn facilities! We got to see all of the trophies, the weight room, the locker room, the meeting rooms, the training rooms, and Drew got to run up and down the field and score some touchdowns!

National Championship Trophies!

Eddie's locker

Colt's locker

Rose Bowl Ring (Eddie's roommate's)

Touching the horns for luck
Drew's Quote of the Week: (to his dad)
"I can't believe we're both here!"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

3 Wins in one day!

UT wins! Baylor wins! And OU loses!!!!!
Beautiful Boys!#32 Eddie Jones! Eddie had a really good game! Lots of rushing the quarterback and almost had a sack!!!

The Eyes of Texas!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Boys

Back to School! Just part time for this week and then full time starting on Monday!

Did we mention that MR's hair is a bit unpredictable?!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

6 Weeks Old

Here's MR smiling for dad!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Longhorn Football Practice

Tonight was open practice with the Longhorns! We called Eddie, Drew's favorite player, ahead of time to let him know we were coming. We weren't 100% sure we were gonna go but Eddie insisted we come and said that he'd gotten Drew a shirt and set up a thing with Coach Brown!!!! We got there and Eddie hi-fived Drew on his way out to the field! As we watched practice, partly in the rain, Drew had a little bit of trouble focusing...he wanted to run around and play football himself instead of just watching. At the very end before the coaches released their individual players Eddie called us onto the field!!! Drew got to meet Eddie's coach, who also knows Uncle Rafe and Uncle Loudy. Eddie gave Drew a TEXAS shirt and took him over to meet Coach Brown. Better yet, because of a "thank you e-mail" my mother had sent to Coach Brown back in May and also because of Eddie setting up this meeting, we walked up and Coach Brown said, "hey, it's Drew!" Then he turned to his wife and said "he's been doing good" and looked at Andy to ask "3 years, right?" He remembered Drew's story and how Eddie had taken a picture with Drew when he was in the hospital. Coach Brown sat and talked to him for a second...we were tongue tied! We talked to Eddie a bit longer and then got to walk off the field with him! Drew is all ready to see Eddie again! Next time we told him we'd take him out to eat after the game. Here are the pictures!!!!

Colt McCoy!!!


Eddie Jones #32

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another cousin!!!

She has arrived-2 weeks early! We had the opportunity to share MR's 1 month birthday and Drew's 3 year anniversary with the family as we welcomed one more to the bunch. Drew has another baby girl cousin!!!
Weighing in at the rediculous petite weight of 5 lbs and 13 ounces!!! (Even the picture is little) She's too innocent to call a B****, but I'm very familiar with calling her mother that. But I will say Miller suffered in other ways...she was in the hopsital for almost 36 hours BEFORE she even gave birth!!!

The boys and Annalise.

Our Boys!

1 month old!