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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Missing Chipmunk Alert

From Simon and Theodore Chipmunk:
Have you seen our friend????

Adamez Christmas Music Series:Day 1

(I'm hoping to post one each day before Christmas to make up for the last month or so!)

MR's first dinner

We've been slowing putting rice cereal into MR's evening schedule. The first night he did pretty good. Since then he's basically gagged up almost all of it.

MR is also currently battling some infections! Last week we took him in and they said it was pink eye!!! So we lotioned his eyes for a few days with the special Rx cream. It slowly came back so we took him back last night. Now they say it's an ear both ears!!! The first dose of medicine didn't quite all make it down. He just passed out with a bottle in hand/mouth so maybe he'll get some rest.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Pictures

It's been awhile---we've been extremely busy!
MR's first haircut with Hung!

MR and Annalise are so fascinated with each other!

Tis the season for hat hair!