Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Deep Thoughts with Drew Adamez

Drew's new thing is: "What does ______ do to your body?" (it's always about food...milk, pizza, cheese, meat, strawberries, water) These have been pretty challenging - especially when we're treating ourselves to oreos - I just had to tell him they're for fun, but eating too many is when it can be bad for your body! I can't ruin his love for oreos!

Yesterday Drew asked me, "When are we gonna get to go to Heaven?" (in the same tone he would ask about Gattiland or the swimming pool - like he's getting tired of waiting!) It was pretty hard trying to explain how important it is to want to go but not want to go "right now." Because his new response to every answer is "but I wanna ______ right now!"

My favorite thing about Drew's deep thoughts: he's been talking about when he was in Heaven before he was born too. He says that we were standing there yelling, "pick me, pick me!" And that's why he picked us to be his parents!

Oh, AND, he walked up to me today and said he had a secret to tell me in my ear, "You're the best mom in the world and I love you."


Mrs. G said...

He is such a funny little man : )

jencooper said...

Awww....that makes my heart happy.